Ayurveda and Yogurt: Nutritional Health Benefits

The Ayurveda practice is a type of natural method that can effectively heal problems by utilizing holistic nutrition. By using nutrition to balance the internal essence of a body, it is believed to relieve problems that can cause health complications such as discomfort and disease. When discussing a more specific topic such as digestive complications, Ayurveda and yogurt come together to promote health and wholeness.

Digestion problems tend to be a major discomfort and can even lead to more serious issues. No one likes the pain, irregularity and the overall aggravation of these occurrences. So when you combine Ayurveda and yogurt to fix this common irritation the natural option not only fixes the problem but allows the body to become healthier in the long run.

The elements that make yogurt work so well in relieving digestive complications are the bacteria that are added to the yogurt making process. These bacterial cultures cleanse and promote digestive health and well being.

The Ayurveda technique is to add live bacteria to boiled milk. It is commonly blended with water to make something called lassi. This is a beverage that is usually consumed during the mid part of a person’s day. The reason for this is that in Ayurveda medicine it is believed that if it is consumed at the beginning or the end of the day the yogurt might reverse the positive effects on the body. By reversing the positive effects it typically means that the yogurt will turn harmful to the body. If the yogurt does not produce the desired results, other Ayurveda elements such as spices can be mixed in the yogurt to enhance the beneficial qualities.

The yogurt must be fresh in order for the healing powers of Ayurveda and yogurt to fully and properly work for an individual. According to Ayurveda professionals, the yogurt is more of a balancing property for Vata. It is not so much a balancing agent for Pitta or Kapha as much as it is for Vata.

The experts tend to stress that organic or fresh home made yogurt is the best. It is most important to them because they believe that only with the fresh made yogurt can it actually heal. So, if you are considering Ayurveda and yogurt for your digestive problems then keep the tips provided here in mind. Ayurveda is not for everyone as it is considered a religious method to healing by many supporters. Yogurt has long been used by nutritionists and the application of yogurt for healing the digestive tract has been well documented for all individuals. This is why this particular effective method is so widely employed.

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