Ten Easy Fitness Practices

Fitness makes one healthy and confident. He who is fit performs more and better than one who lacks fitness and hence, good health ensues. Fitness is something that you can control. Remaining fit is not an impossible uphill task. Certain easy practices, if adhered to regularly in the daily walk of life, can produce great results. In this article we present you ten such easy practices to be fit and healthy.

1. Be Active: Being physically active is the key to good physical fitness. Activities help burn those extra fat and remain hale and healthy. Find ways to move more. You can take the stairs instead of using elevators. Your activity need not necessarily be an hour workout in gym. If you could do that, it is great. But something is always better than nothing. So be active and moving at every opportunity as every small move counts. Play with kids, fly a kite, walk your pet-all these activities help you to be fit. If you are a computer addict, make sure that you leave your seat before the monitor and move a bit every twenty minutes. This will help you from getting back and neck problems. It is good for your vision also.

2. Say No To Fat: Food items of high fat content should be avoided at all costs. Do not lay your eyes and hands on tempting burgers, fried foods and fatty meats. These stuff are very detrimental to your health and fitness. Adhere to low fat diet for being fit. Even while taking milk products use only fat free versions. Take only controlled amount of high fat food items like butter, cheese and nuts. Less fat means less weight and more health and great looks!

3. Say No To Smoking: Yes. Smoking is injurious to health indeed. Any and all people who care about their health and the health of those around them, especially fitness conscious people, should say no to smoking or the use of any tobacco products and stay away from those that insist on contaminating the environment for others.

4. Be Relaxed: Stress is an anti fitness attribute. Find healthy stress busters and be relaxed.

5. Avoid Alcohol: Alcohol is an antonym to fitness and health. If you want to be fit and healthy avoid drinking alcohol.

6. Once In a While Dance: If you feel bored to workout in a gym, play some music and dance your legs. This is a real good exercise and a great stress buster too. You will feel highly energetic after nice good dancing for some time.

7. Play a Game: If doing exercises seem dull and unappealing to you, play your favorite sport that involves physical movement. Get on your feet on the sporting ground at times, you will burn some extra calories and contribute to a healthy heart, mind and waistline.

8. Eat Regularly: Do not skip meals. Fasting may help loose weight instantly. But this may give only initial benefit. But in the long run poor diet affects your fitness and well being to a great extent.

9. Sleep Regularly: For balanced metabolism right amount of sleep is necessary.

10. Exercise: All said and done, regular exercise is the time tested, beneficial and successful key to great fitness. Do your exercises regularly and you will be in great shape that others envy of.

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