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Regular Exercise and Your Health
Regular moderate exercise is like giving your bank balance a $1000 bonus. You heart will be healthy, your body will look and feel good and your doctor will like what you are doing. There are just so many benefits to starting a regular exercise regime that you can't afford not to consider it.

Regular exercise is not hard to do if you really want to change your life. Setting aside just 30 minutes a day for exercise is not hard. If somebody says they haven't got time, they are procrastinating. Walk to work, get off the bus or train a stop before your regular stop and walk the rest of the way. Use stairs instead of lifts, walk on the spot while watching your favorite television show. Your health is important to you. Stay positive and live longer.

Moderate Exercise and Your Health
One of the most beneficial things you can do for your overall health is moderate exercise that leaves you slightly breathless. Do this daily and you will soon feel healthy and eager to step it up a little and exercise a little longer.

Regular exercise has so many benefits, not only as a way to maintain a healthy weight or as a weight loss tool, it is so good for heart health and keeps joints supple and loose.

Exercise doesn't have to hurt the muscles. I'm sure you have heard the call of the health guru's "No Pain, No Gain", well forget that type of slog, as it leads to people stopping for a day to get over sore muscles and joints and can lead to not starting again.

Select a good place to enjoy walking. Walking is a great way to exercise

The best way to tackle exercise is to start slowly and build up until you reach a good level of fitness. Don't overdo it at the beginning so you feel as if you really enjoy it. As you work into it, step the pace up a little each week and soon you will be striding out without knowing that you are pushing yourself.

Find a place that you like such as a local park, the beach or a quiet country road to take a walk. Enjoy the scenery, the fresh air and wind on your face.

Exercise burns calories so your metabolism will kick in and you will lose weight, your clothes will fit better, you will have more energy to achieve things you always wanted to do. Take a look at our calories burned activity chart and see where you can really burn calories to achieve the greatest weight loss.

If you can't go for a walk in your neighborhood, try walking on the spot at home or perhaps walking up and down the stairs in your apartment building. Another good way to exercise is to go to the shopping mall and do 2 or 3 laps of the center before starting shopping.

Whatever exercise you choose, keep at it and you will feel the benefits, live longer and feel happier.

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