Diet Control

How To Control Your Eating Habits
Diet control is the art of eating what you want, but only enough to maintain a healthy weight. Count the calories in your favorite foods and then only eat the amount of calories per day that will maintain your desired weight.

You can eat healthy and like what you eat, or simply eat less of the foods you like and get out and do some exercise. Diet control starts with a positive mind and ends with a happier healthier you. Get your eating habits under control and learn that healthy eating doesn't necessarily mean eating yukky food.

Diet Control
The best way to control your diet is to sew up your lips, but seeing how we do need to live that is not the solution. One thing we certainly can do to help us control our eating habits is to form a positive mind set to doing something to help ourselves.

Now I'm overweight because basically I have allowed myself to become fat and lazy. Harsh words but true. I have tried to argue with myself that I let myself become like this because I was busy helping others and making a living for my family. Of course I know that is rubbish and I got this way because I love food and didn't care what amount or what type of food went into my mouth. Things must change.

You can live a good life and still eat nice food by watching what you eat. Don't have that fast food snack, instead have a piece of fruit. A nice juicy apple is much better for your health than a greasy plate of chips and actually costs less, so you win in the belly and the wallet at the same time.

If you must have that fast food then don't go home and have dinner. Right there is the secret of diet control. You can only eat a certain amount of calories per day to stay at a healthy weight range. If you eat more calories than you should, do extra exercise to burn off the calories consumed.

Ask your wife or whoever does the cooking to put more salad and vegetables on your plate and less meat. Make sure your meat is trimmed of fat and include fish and chicken in your diet, lessen your meat intake by one third. Meat is usually dear anyway, so there you save money again.

Learn the calorie count of what you are eating. For example did you know that a slice of white bread is around 60 calories per slice. Also learn how many calories the normal man or woman needs per day to function and work. Average man needs about 2000 calories and the average woman needs 1500 calories. Eat to those levels, take some moderate exercise and you will maintain a good weight.

Basket of good fresh vegetables.Eat less animal fat and full fat dairy foods. Substitute butter for polyunsaturated margarine and get more greens into your diet. Throughout this website an attempt will be made to introduce healthy recipes and show their calorie count so you can follow the diet to get positive results soon.

Dieting is all about just getting our eating habits under control, watching the calories and eating sensible food that looks and tastes good and lose a few pounds in the process.

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